Step 1: Inquiry

Upon inquiry, either through email or a phone call, we will begin the process of admission. 

Please visit the Contact Page for more info and to fill out an online inquiry. 

Step 2: Tour

We highly encourage everyone interested to come and visit our school. 

Tours are 30 minutes in length and are a chance to see the classroom in action. 

Your child is welcome to visit with you although we ask that they remain with you and not touch the items on the shelves. The items are not toys even though they are so very appealing and beautiful. 

You will be given a tour of the classroom and then will return to the office where you will be given an information package. 

Step 3: Waitlist

In the information package, there will be a Waitlist application included. If you would like your child to be placed on the Waitlist you will need to fill out the form and either drop it back off in person or scan it back through email. 

Filling out the Waitlist application does not guarantee your child a spot, it simply adds them to the list to be offered enrolment. 

There is no fee to be on the Waitlist. 

Below is an online waitlist application that you can fill out if you are not able to make it for a tour. We highly encourage you to visit our school before filling out a Waitlist. 

Waitlist Application
Full Day Casa Program Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Child's Name
Age for Enrolment is between 2.5 - 3.5 years old. A child older than 4 years old may enroll if transferring from another Montessori School.
If your child lives at two separate residences, please list both.
Health Information
Does your child have any medical, physical or other special needs or allergies?
Is your child toilet trained?
Children must be minimum 2.5 years old and reliably toilet trained prior to the first day of school - upon acceptance into the program.
I/We are interested in Before School Care (8:00am - 8:30am)
I/We are interested in After School Care (4:00pm - 4:30pm)
We have booked a tour with Ivy Montessori School
Families must book a tour prior to being offered a space in the program.
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Name
Permission & Agreement
I/we understand that applicants are selected based on the above criteria.
I/we agree that both parents have consented to being placed on a waitlist.
I/we understand and accept that submitting a waitlist does not confirm a spot at Ivy Montessori but acts as a method of contact for when a spot becomes available.

Step 4: Application for Enrolment

Enrolment happens in two ways: 


  •  In Late January, early February, we will begin the process of enrolment for the following September. 
  • We offer enrolment to our current students, then any siblings they might have, before moving on to our Waitlist. 
  • We move down our waitlist in order of the date applications were sent. You may inquire at any time where your child is placed on the waitlist. 

2. Available Space

  • Should we have any available space during the year (Oct, Nov, Dec for a January Start  or June, July, August for a September Start) 
  • We enrol for start times in September and January only. We do not offer mid-year enrolments. 

Step 5: Offer of Enrolment

When you receive an email or phone call offering you a space at Ivy Montessori School, you will be required to fill out an Application to Enrol. 

This must be returned with the non-refundable enrolment deposit of $350. 

Once we receive the form and accompanying deposit, you will have a guaranteed spot at Ivy Montessori School for the approved start time (Sept or Jan.)

We will then send you the Enrolment Package, to be completed prior to your child’s start date. 

Final Step: 1st Day of School

In order to begin school, your child MUST be reliably toilet-trained, which means they must be able to know when they need to use the bathroom and be able to communicate it with the teacher. 

You will be given the Parent Handbook which will answer any and all questions about what to expect at Ivy Montessori School. 

We can’t wait to have you join our school!